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Artwork by: Kableye
(Approved by Feli and Evi)

Inspired by the OU room’s live tour thread, the RU room will also be hosting live tours with the prospect of a **Room Voice** prize in the Rarely Used Showdown! Room. This is the OPPORTUNITY to be the next breakout player of the Rarely Used tier.
The event will have two phases. The first one will be a 4-week period of room tours during which players will try to gather the maximum number of points to qualify for the playoffs phase. The 8 top on the leaderboard at the end of the period will then be able to participate in a single elimination Bo3 tournament and compete for the winning prize.

:oricorio-pom-pom:The Room Tours Phase :oricorio-pom-pom:

Each week, 4 Gen 9 RU room tours will be organized in the Pokemon Showdown! RU room: These tours will follow a predefined schedule given below. Only the tours scheduled here will count for this event and the leaderboard will be shown in the thread. All other tours created not within the scheduled times do NOT count.
The way points are awarded is as follows: winning a room tour will give you 5 points, second place will give 3 points, third and fourth place (people losing in semi-finals) will get 2 points, and fifth to eighth (people losing in quarter-finals) will get 1 point. Note that you can only win points from one out of the three tours each week, so if you reach top eight in the three tours of the week, you'll only get the points of your best performance.

:krookodile: Schedule :krookodile:
(this schedule is subject to small changes)
For this edition, the room tours will be hosted each Monday at 3 PM (GMT-4), each Tuesday at 8 PM (GMT+8), each Friday at 6:30 PM (GMT-4), and each Saturday at 9 PM (GMT-4). There will be four weeks of room tours. The room tours will start a week from today on May 8, 2023 and will last until June 5, 2023. After the room tours phase, the play offs will then commence.

:weavile: The Playoffs Phase :weavile:
After 4 weeks of room tours, the 8 players will compete in a single elimination Bo3 tournament. The winner of this playoffs tournament will then receive the grand prize of Room Voice in the RU room!

:revavroom: Other Information :revavroom:
You will need to have a Smogon account to take part to the playoffs phase, and we will ask you your Smogon account when you earn points for the first time in a room tour. If you don’t have one, you can still create one during the cycle, as there will be no restriction in term of date of creation of your account or number of messages.

Users banned from Smogon or blacklisted from the RU room on PS! are not eligible to participate.

Scouting will be allowed during these room tours. Note that in the case where a game exceeds 200 turns, staff members will be able to either dq a player if there’s a clear winner or to randpick the winner to avoid delaying the whole tour.

If there is a tie in the leaderboard, players with the same number of points will be ranked according to the numbers of first places in a tour they have. If there’s still a tie with an impact on who qualifies to the playoff, an additional BO3 (or several BO3 in case there’s more than two people) will be played at the beginning of the playoffs phase. If there's too many ties, we will use one more week to make sure all ties are solved before launching the playoffs phase.

One last note is that Room Voice is an opportunity to be more immersed with the RU community and can be tentative for the sake of the room's professionalism. All we ask is that you aren't mean and psycho to other users and you should be good!

Feel free to message me or Kableye with any questions or concerns, we are open to change to run the best and most fair tour possible. Good luck tributes, and May the Odds be ever in your favor.

Thank you so much to SetsuSetsuna for the OP and for approval to adapt this thread to RU!

**Please note that this thread is posted early for announcement purposes and can be subject to any slight changes depending on any comments or concerns that we may receive to improve this tour. Thank you and I hope you all join and have a lot of fun!**
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RankSmogon AccountShowdown Alt(s)Points
Ampharexion, RUP2 Why11
SchizoguyZ, Pepeduce10
Cope with me10
letter socks, Echoes, socks with dots8
government bowls3
walking meme kid3
ishtar chan3
Better than J3
Mystical Eonis2
purple mountains2
The Angel Devil1

Chart of Dates (in GMT-4)
Monday May 8th @ 3pm Monday May 15th @ 3pmMonday May 22nd @ 3pmMonday May 29th @ 3pmMonday June 5th @ 3pm
Friday May 12th @ 6:30pmFriday May 19th @ 6:30pmFriday May 26th @ 6:30pmFriday June 2nd @ 6:30pm
Saturday May 13th @ 9pmSaturday May 20th @ 9pmSaturday May 27th @ 9pm*Saturday June 3rd @ 9pm
**EDIT: DAYS HAVE BEEN ADDED for the Asian timezone! Thank you so much to gorex for helping us cover this time at 7PM GMT+8 every Tuesday. So that would be Tuesday May 9th @7pm (GMT+8), Tuesday May 16th @ 7PM (GMT+8), Tuesday May 23 @ 7PM (GMT+8) and Tuesday May 30th @ 7PM (GMT+8)!

**EDIT 2: The Tuesday Live tours have been cancelled due to low volume of participants. We are sorry to anyone of that time zone who wanted to participate but for fairness of other points distributed Tuesdays will now no longer be hosted.

*EDIT 3: The tour on Friday May 19th had an odd number of participants, so due to fairness in the draw places 5-10 will all receive 1 point. The points of the other players placed 1-4 will still keep their points.
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Ok you guys the Live Tour Phase of this tour is now officially over! Sorry that some of these tours straight up just did not happen but there was also a decline in activity so... Ok but anyway, we are now in the playoffs phase!

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 6.34.15 PM.png

MachJacob vs. Togkey
Pepeduce vs. BluBirD
Ampha vs. Jordy004
RarelyEtc vs. TomatoZause
The deadline for these matches will be next Monday June 12 @ 11:59pm GMT-4. Reminder that this is a best of 3 in the current metagame post drops and replays will be required! Also feel free to schedule on this thread if you please so that people can catch your matches! Thank you to everyone who participated in the live tours and I hope you all enjoy playoffs too!
I forgot to announce finals but it will be:

Togkey vs. Ampha
But tbh since you were both promoted recently I have no idea what you guys could fight for but we will come up with a prize I promise! Deadline is June 26th Monday at 11:59 pm GMT-4. We will finally have our first RU hunger games victor!!
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